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Lausitzer Seenland – the sunshine region of Brandenburg

Picnic in the open pit
Picnic in the open pit

Lower Lusatia in southern Brandenburg is a region in the midst of change. Over the next few years it will become one of the largest lakeland areas in Europe as several of its former open-cast lignite mines are flooded. Even now, these impressive, evolving landscapes are popular destinations for themed tours and are visited by a number of cycle routes.

Cycling, Watersports and Jeepsafari


For those who want to enjoy Brandenburg's sunny climes to the full, Lower Lusatia is a holiday region which features a multitude of attractions to suit all needs. It has disabled-friendly accommodation and restaurants as well as holiday activities for disabled guests.

The emerging Lusatian Lakes can be explored by handcycle, wheelchair tandem and multi-person bike. There are also guided tandem tours for blind or partially sighted visitors. A tactile map at Lake Senftenberg enables the remarkable rehabilitation of the landscape to be explored by sense of touch, and sailing trips on the lake are an alternative way to experience Lower Lusatia: the watersports centre is disabled-friendly and is equipped with a lift to ensure safe boarding onto the boats. Guided tours around this lunar-like landscape, which has not yet yielded completely to flooding, bring to life the breathtaking transformation of the scenery. Followed by a picnic, an off-road tour through former or even working open-cast mines is another way for disabled guests to discover this surreal

Lusatian Lakeland
Lusatian Lakeland, LMBV

Those who wish to explore Lower Lusatia in a more leisurely manner should head to the East German Rose Garden in Forst. Here, visitors discover a sea of sweetly scented blooms in what is one of the finest places to see the 'queen of the flowers'. Brandenburg Textile Museum runs tours of its demonstration workshop which shows at first hand the many laborious stages of clothmaking.

Guided tours for disabled visitors are available at the Renaissance fortress in Senftenberg, at the International Building Exhibition (IBA) 'Fürst Pückler Land' and at Cottbus Zoo. Other wheelchair-accessible attractions include Euro Speedway Lausitz, the Neue Bühne theatre in Senftenberg, the amphitheatre at Lake Senftenberg, Felicitas chocolatiers in Spremberg, Cottbus Planetarium and the municipal and industrial museum in Guben.

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