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Franconian Lakes: Lake country in North Bavaria

Holiday in a relaxed atmosphere
Holiday in a relaxed atmosphere

The Franconian Lakes region has lots to offer in terms of holidays, leisure, relaxation, recreation and self-discovery. Swimming, sunny beaches and sporting activities as well as the opportunity to get away from the daily grind in an attractive landscape.

The Franconian Lakes are not only popular for family holidays, the region is also well equipped for visitors with restricted mobility such as wheelchair users. Lake Altmühlsee, Great Brombachsee Lake and Little Brombachsee Lake, Lake Igelsbach and Lake Rothsee blend seamlessly into the countryside and their ultra-modern leisure amenities are ideal for a barrier-free holiday or short break. The lakeshore paths are mainly level, there are disabled toilets and accessible parking spaces at most of the leisure centres, as well as pretty villages, picturesque towns and varied scenery to admire.

Suitable accommodation is a basic requirement for a good holiday, so you will find selected places to stay on our website at They range from campsites and comfortable self-catering accommodation to four-star hotels – all specially chosen for their suitability for disabled people.

Lots of the recreational and service facilities in the Franconian Lakes can be used by people with a disability. There are no steps for boarding the two pleasure boats on Lakes Altmühlsee and Brombachsee and they both have a disabled WC. The lakeside paths are suitable for tours by handbike or wheelchair tandem, around one of the lakes or from one to the other. Get really close to nature by exploring the bird sanctuary on the island in Lake Altmühlsee. Visitors with restricted mobility can hire rickshaws, tandems and electric bikes.

For water enthusiasts there are two wheelchair ramps at Little Brombachsee Lake and Lake Rothsee. Disabled visitors can also use Tiralo beach wheelchairs free of charge at Lakes Altmühlsee, Brombachsee and Rothsee to enable them to move across the sand to the water, splash in shallow water or even to swim in deeper water, if their disability allows them. Everyone can be a water baby, no matter what their abilities!

Visit our website at for details of barrier-free accommodation and recreational amenities, restaurants, cafés and services for visitors with a disability.